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Post by Venia on Thu Apr 04, 2019 5:51 pm

13:25] MightyHawklord: go on lorri
[13:25] MightyHawklord: up to the member
[13:28] MightyHawklord: we recruit like mad
[13:28] MightyHawklord: after friday food should not be an issue
[13:29] MightyHawklord: work calls
[13:29] MightyHawklord: question then mail me
[13:29] MightyHawklord: or ask later
[13:29] MightyHawklord: back in a bit
[13:45] Lorrianna: CEO under dual attacks. Is this planned
[13:47] Dretske: drakes got a cpture out on an op - is that oked?
[13:48] Drake Wills: gud timing huh? op capture is arranged
[13:49] Drake Wills: no support needed
[13:49] Dretske: ok i gtg laters
[13:50] skullss: no support needed? why?
[13:50] Drake Wills: he was a friend, i guess now we r on different terms lol
[13:50] skullss: do you open gates, or?
[13:51] Drake Wills: he's gotta commthat will demolish me. nah will move troops out
[13:51] skullss: ok then..
[13:51] skullss: he tried to destroy me too but I won lol
[13:52] Drake Wills: i cud probably defend, but cba to get troop lvls back up
[13:53] Drake Wills: also dont have a gud cast so will have heavy losses
[13:56] Hamonga: Dra ru under attack??
[13:57] Drake Wills: yep
[13:57] Hamonga: du need support?
[13:57] skullss: I hate that guy Schmidt. I can't wait for him to level up so I can burn his ass
[13:58] Drake Wills: no thank u will endure it lol
[13:59] snoopybooboo: no harm in us sabbing him though
[13:59] skullss: yeah, that's a great idea. I'll sab him too
[13:59] snoopybooboo: I will send mine
[14:00] Hamonga: its small army
[14:01] snoopybooboo: Got him
13:53] Drake Wills: also dont have a gud cast so will have heavy losses
[13:56] Hamonga: Dra ru under attack??
[13:57] Drake Wills: yep
[13:57] Hamonga: du need support?
[13:57] skullss: I hate that guy Schmidt. I can't wait for him to level up so I can burn his ass
[13:58] Drake Wills: no thank u will endure it lol
[13:59] snoopybooboo: no harm in us sabbing him though
[13:59] skullss: yeah, that's a great idea. I'll sab him too
[13:59] snoopybooboo: I will send mine
[14:00] Hamonga: its small army
[14:01] snoopybooboo: Got him
[14:01] Drake Wills: its just. i dont have a gud cast to battle the troops on wall
[14:01] skullss: small army but great comm..
[14:02] Hamonga: Ok
[14:02] snoopybooboo: A few fires burning
[14:03] Hamonga: Guud work Sn
[14:03] snoopybooboo: Thx
[14:03] Hamonga: lets crush him once and for all!
[14:03] snoopybooboo: keep on sabbing him
[14:04] Drake Wills: i'll retaliate later lol just need my op capture to be done with
[14:04] snoopybooboo: ok
[14:05] skullss: pretty good attack without flags lol
[14:06] skullss: 16k glory left for the last reward, I hope I'm gonna get them today
[14:06] Drake Wills: cud have got like 3k glory with flags
[14:06] skullss: with flags? easy about 10k
[14:09] skullss: look at this one 2 days ago
[14:09] skullss:
[14:10] Drake Wills: show off:)
[14:13] skullss: I think I'll hit bigjock1 today
[14:19] Drake Wills: afk

14:35] skullss: you can change your castel banner for and put a thing that gives you bonus glory
[14:35] nisimiko: use vet crossbow and vet maceman
[14:36] Hamonga: Ok
[14:36] nisimiko: use flags ofc
[14:36] skullss: why vet troops? how does that increase the glory?
[14:36] nisimiko: when the nads are here buy horsetails
[14:37] nisimiko: the many you lose the more glory you get
[14:37] nisimiko: use vet as they are the chipest ones to buy
[14:37] nisimiko: when you have a big target you can use horros
[14:37] Venia: also, do the research of Pamphlets
[14:39] Hamonga: Thx guys
[14:39] Hamonga: its vry helpfull
[14:40] skullss: how much glory bonus do you get from that research?
[14:41] Hamonga: Do u know shmidt??
[14:41] Venia: lvl5 5%
[14:41] Venia: Nis
[14:42] nisimiko:
[14:42] Venia: do you remember, we have verbal DNA with Hafan Hoyw???
[14:42] Venia: i might be wrong though
[14:42] nisimiko: not sure v
[14:43] nisimiko: @hamonga - don't attack him until you sure we don't have verbal DNA with Hafan Hoyw
[14:44] Hamonga: he attcked us!!! now what?
[14:44] Venia: that is diplomatic issue now, sry to say
[14:44] nisimiko: when ? you have rep ?
[14:44] skullss: @nisimiko what page of the research tower is that?
[14:45] Hamonga: Dra needs to forwrd the btl report
[14:45] Venia: advanced research Skulls
[14:45] nisimiko: ministral icon
[14:45] Venia: the 5% is core research
[14:45] Hamonga: pik a look to dra mean castel
[14:46] Venia: H, is Drake your friend??
[14:46] oshea: Hi honor gives gory as well
[14:47] Hamonga: Drake Wills is membr of the aliance!!
14:47] Venia: yep, he is a member since last night
[14:48] Venia: does anyone know anything about him???
[14:48] nisimiko: another important thing
[14:48] nisimiko: use comm with big glory bonus
[14:48] skullss: Drake is my friend
[14:48] Venia: did he come with a baggage???
[14:48] skullss: no
[14:48] skullss: Schmidt was in the same alliance as Drake
[14:48] Venia: so, he has no beef with anyone
[14:49] skullss: as soon as they took different paths Schmidt attacked him
[14:49] Venia: which is that??
[14:49] skullss: Schmidt have a very good commander and he is staying low level on purpose
[14:49] nisimiko: TK finised
[14:50] skullss: he is that kind of guy that attacks anybody that has high honor
[14:50] nisimiko: as everyone else that look for honor
[14:50] Venia: Skulls, they were together in Hafan Hoyw???
[14:50] nisimiko: did he broke any rule ?
[14:51] skullss: no, they were together in Young Uprising

14:58] Venia: it doesn't matter H
[14:58] Venia: yes Nis
[14:58] nisimiko: pm the guy - asking his side of the story
[14:58] skullss: well, when he attacked Drake, one of us said that we should sab him
[14:58] skullss: So I did, but Failed with lowest chance of risk.
[14:58] skullss: 10% risk, failed.. sadly
[14:59] skullss: and that's why he messaged me that
[14:59] Venia: hehe
[14:59] Venia: here we are, lol
[14:59] skullss: you just need to ask the good questions lol
[14:59] Hamonga: hhh
[14:59] skullss: but I did not come up with the idea of sabotaging it
[14:59] skullss: him*
[15:00] Venia: doesn't matter Skulls
[15:00] nisimiko: maybe give us the all details first Smile
[15:00] Venia: lol
[15:00] skullss: what else do you want to know? lol
[15:00] skullss: I didn't attacked him. He attacked me twice
[15:00] Venia: yep Nis, that would be handy next time
[15:00] skullss: That's the only time that I sabotaged him
[15:00] nisimiko: time ....
[15:00] Venia: hehe
[15:00] Hamonga: Ni do we have a good relation with shmidt alliance?
[15:01] skullss: well, I have to go. I'll be back in 20 minutes
[15:01] Venia: no worries Skulls ;-)
[15:01] Hamonga: cya buddy
[15:01] Drake Wills: im back
[15:01] Hamonga: her y r
[15:01] Venia: hey Drake
[15:01] charliexyz: can i have 10k iron to main please
[15:01] nisimiko: otw charlie
[15:02] charliexyz: many thanks
[15:02] nisimiko: yw
[15:02] skullss: I got sabbed again lol
[15:02] skullss: 3rd time
[15:02] Venia: @Nis, how can i help Charlie, if you are sooooo fast??? lol
[15:02] Hamonga: and its shm
[15:03] skullss: afk 20 minutes
[15:03] nisimiko: you sure ?
[15:03] Venia: @Skulls i'm on the case
[15:03] skullss: maybe this time is schmidt
[15:03] nisimiko: maybe
[15:03] skullss: but last 2 times I don't think so
[15:03] nisimiko: you can't be sure
[15:03] Drake Wills: honesly, am sort of used to sabs now lol. get 1 daily at 8am sharp lol
[15:04] skullss: Because the last 2 times were at 12 or 13 hours interval (sab cooldown)
[15:04] skullss: lemme go, I must go to the market lol
[15:04] charliexyz: place guard houses
[15:05] Hamonga: Yo guys shmidt messaged me
[15:05] Venia: saying what??
15:06] Hamonga: is it possible to know how is spaying you
[15:06] nisimiko: only if he fails
[15:06] Hamonga: he said why am spying him
[15:06] nisimiko: or you Smile
[15:06] Hamonga: ok
[15:06] nisimiko: fail spying enter as rep
[15:07] Hamonga: He said that there is no need to spy him cas i cant hit him at my lvl!!!
[15:07] Hamonga: Oooo his is wrong
[15:07] nisimiko: no
[15:08] nisimiko: he is right
[15:08] Hamonga: ???
[15:08] nisimiko: you can't hit him
[15:08] nisimiko: your lvl is too high - according the rules
[15:08] Drake Wills: but i can
[15:08] Hamonga: because of alliance relations or ??
[15:08] nisimiko: yes you can drake
[15:09] Drake Wills: hamonga, fairplay rules state u cant hit players below 10lvls that u
[15:09] Venia: to all of the new members: plz go to ally board and read the Server rules thread!!
[15:09] cluke: read the rules Hamonga
[15:09] Hamonga: i konw that cl
[15:10] Hamonga: whats his lvl
[15:10] Drake Wills: 30
[15:10] nisimiko: rule number 6
[15:10] nisimiko: 6. No hitting players more than 10 levels below your own
[15:10] nisimiko: drake
[15:10] nisimiko: you need help with spying ?
15:10] nisimiko: you need help with spying ?
[15:10] Drake Wills: just the his op pls. spied his main
[15:11] nisimiko: spy rep sent
[15:11] nisimiko: don't hit him now
[15:11] cluke: it would seem that you do not Hamonga, otherwise you would not be asking the question
[15:11] nisimiko: he will be ready and supported
[15:12] Drake Wills: yea i know, more of a sucide hit, will send my cy comm
[15:12] Venia: guys, could you stop to do anything against him, please??/
[15:13] Drake Wills: funny thing, im actually gift pals with him
[15:13] nisimiko: hahaha
[15:13] nisimiko: he sent you anything lately ??
[15:13] Drake Wills: yep in bloodcrows
[15:14] Drake Wills: lots actually. ive sent him 1 or 2 lol, as not got much glory
[15:24] skullss: I'm back guyz :DD
[15:25] oshea: bbl
[15:26] Venia: so, if some of you had any message from Schmidt, i'd like to have all of them, plz??
[15:27] Hamonga: Dead mans table !!
[15:27] nisimiko: i need help with wood to NewBorn pls
[15:27] Hamonga: on da way
[15:27] Hamonga: 672 333
[15:28] Drake Wills: whale
[15:28] skullss: I sent you 3.4k that's the most I can send
[15:28] skullss: market is upgrading
[15:29] Hamonga: Do i vs any chance??
[15:29] Drake Wills: spy and see cast
[15:30] nisimiko: are you nuts ????
[15:31] charliexyz: no more spying
[15:31] nisimiko: @new guys - stop fooling around
[15:31] Drake Wills: yea no chance lol
[15:31] nisimiko: attack rbc's for now and FL's
[15:32] nisimiko: we don't want any "advantures" right now
[15:32] Drake Wills: skulls u there, remember zumwalt?
[15:33] charliexyz: just bought some special lime bombs
[15:33] Hamonga: Yooo
[15:33] charliexyz: on offer
[15:33] charliexyz: instead of 33% the 43%
[15:33] Hamonga: No need to be afraid calmdwn
[15:34] Venia: guys, must pop out now for a few minutes, bbs
[15:35] skullss: yes I remember zumwalt
[15:36] skullss: what's up with him?
[15:36] Drake Wills: nothing much, i tried to take out 12k horrors, and he open gated twice lol
[15:36] skullss: oh he rebuilt his castle lol
[15:36] nisimiko: charlie
[15:36] skullss: he spent a lot of rubies
[15:36] nisimiko: where from ? i'm looking everywhere
[15:37] Drake Wills: yea ALOT, has no clue how to get defences
[15:37] skullss: he has no towers tho lol, I think I'll hit him tonight haha
[15:37] skullss: at magic hour around 4am
[15:38] oshea: If you attack will be 30k or 50k of defenders their
[15:38] charliexyz: from offers
[15:39] Drake Wills: id wait skullss, he hasnt bought any troops yet lol
[15:39] charliexyz: they gone but nis spy my main placed them there
[15:39] skullss: he has some
[15:41] Drake Wills: thats nothin compared to what he usually has
[15:41] skullss: maybe he sent some to the op too
[15:42] charliexyz: added 40% to my melee bonus
[15:42] oshea: back in 1 or 2h
[15:43] skullss: maybe he sent out troops for food, Idk. I'm still hitting him tonight just to burn him a little
[15:44] skullss: and maybe he will learn that towers won't ever build themselves
[15:46] nisimiko: nice charlie !
[15:46] skullss: anyone needs food?
[15:46] Drake Wills: yes pls to op if spare
[15:47] skullss: otw 7.5k
[15:47] Drake Wills: thanks
15:47] skullss: I should build a market in my other op too lol
[15:57] Drake Wills: going out now, be back in abit
[16:00] nisimiko: later all
[16:01] Venia: see you Nis
[16:02] skullss:
[16:02] skullss: nice
[16:13] DarkBonafide: gotta pick wife up from work, biab
[16:15] Hamonga: c ya drak
[16:39] skullss: 99.366 / 100.000 mighty points, I'm so close lol
[17:14] Venia: afk

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