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Post by Venia on Thu Apr 04, 2019 5:49 pm

hi Schmidt,

it came to my attention you have some beef with some of our players

may i ask what is the reason of your threatening messages, please???


Hi Venia,

I don't have 'beef' with anyone lol

What messages have been brought to your attention as threatening? If you show me what I've said I'm happy to explain whatever your concern is



i've only read 1 of your message, the guys are saying there is more.

i want to find out what is going on really, as there are lots of mixed informations.

thought it's better to ask you and i might have a clearer picture :-)


Not much

Drake is my mate, I sent a hit on him within fair play no harm done, he's fine with it we're chatting now

skullss decided to sab me everywere and got a lvl 60 in your alliance spying me so was just asking what there problem was

I got 3 sabs just in my main for sending one hit within fair play. Is that how your alliance does things is it?

nope, definitely NOT!!

that's why i need to find out what is going on.

all of them are brand new members and they must fit in otherwise we must get rid of them.
it's about our reputation

shall i say, no harm done?

yes, unfortunately it seems Hamonga wasn't really familiar with the Server rules

thanks for your patience.

V ;-)

no harm done with Hamonga, I noticed he/she is a new player Smile

As for skullss, I've had trouble with him from when he was in Bemrose and Peoples Front before he joined you. He is nothing but a trouble maker so my recommendation would be to boot him but the choice is yours, he's not a benefit to your alliance.

Here's proof of the sabs in case they deny it:

No hard feelings towards your alliance, thanks for sorting them out and best of luck Smile


Hi Schmidt,

Thanks all of the info.
That means I'll have some plus work (re-check Skullss and the others too) to be done asap.
I really appreciate your help and honesty.

Have a great play,

Venia ;-)

Venia ;-)

"Never underestimate our wise elders"

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