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Post by Venia on Tue Mar 19, 2019 2:15 pm

Hi everyone,

Sher posted a mm about the coming war and also made a thread on DL's notice board.

I have post a new thread on the notice board for the coming war, if wish to take part then please put your name down or if you would like any advice on Commanders, Castellans, troops etc post your questions so any ranking member can answer them

War – Thread on DL's notice board

Sherdian0: Anybody wishing to join in the coming war please put your names down and if you would like advice on comanders, Castalans, troops etc please post here

MightyHawklord: yep, obviously i'm at the front of the queue

StrongBrian1: Count me in. I'm assuming ranged horrors will be best as troops. What tools will be best and would these be for all waves? I'm also assuming that we don't worry too much about glory flags?

Sherdian0: IDEAL  troops and tools - Say at rough guess, 75% Ranged Horrors, 25% melle Horrors the best tools are breaching tools and shield walls.
And depending on if the attack is blind or from a spy report you need tools on one or three sides and all waves and yes Glory flags are not a requirment

Those signed up for the attack - MightyHawkLord, Dretske, Noble Chick, MyStic Guest, Sherdian0, Dretske, Oshea, StrongBrian1, Steve95, Red Man

DarkBonafide: I'm in

Trigger17: I'm in

Avb1: Count me there a date set or is it being kept secret for now?

TJ player225321479: I'll help if I can????

GL.rider: Bring it on, I am a low level but I will have my uses , I am up for it

Venia ;-)

"Never underestimate our wise elders"

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