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Post by Admin on Sun Feb 21, 2016 1:35 am

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to you because I am a player of your flagship game, Goodgame Empire, I have played your game for a while now, and a number of things have come to my attention.

Firstly, the recent debacle with the nomads revealed a couple of things:

a)       Nomads not giving rewards meant that the bulk of players did not feel motivated enough to hit the nomads as prizes weren't being given, the fact that the nomads lasted for only 24 hours was terrible as well, as it meant those that were looting couldn't get enough tablets to buy the stuff they needed for the following FI event. The main problem however is the lack of skips given to the players, which meant that they were not able to hit nomads as hard, and could barely hit samurais too, meaning the snowball of problems grows ever larger. This also raises some legal issues for you, under the The Consumer Rights Act 2015.

b)      These Problems most of all highlight the lack of testing and researching that GGS do when they release an update, as far as we can tell, each time you release an update, it is not tested whatsoever, and you just hit a button and hope it works, frankly this is a terrible ethos to have, you should be meticulously testing these updates beforehand, eradicating any bugs, the game is just riddled with glitches and bugs now, and it is making it very hard for us as players, I will detail below a list of known bugs affecting everyday gameplay that need to be sorted asap.

Communication is lacking hugely in this game, there are a number of key aspects that we feel Goodgame studios and Goodgame empire lack in, detailed below:

Firstly, the level of customer service is appalling, never in my entire life, in any area of business has there been a presumption that the customer is lying, which seems to be the norm in this game. The amount of times, I have been directly or indirectly accused of lying, only for there to be a muted climb-down when I have provided screenshots etc. The problem is it’s not always possible to take before and after screenshots, so it’s not always possible to prove.

Almost every time I contact customer services I am fobbed off, its only when I push harder I get a sensible reply, why do that? it’s not customer service to fob your customers off, please tell your customer service staff if they don’t know the answer find out, don’t just fob off the person. All it does is make the whole thing unpleasant and get your customers to back off, the exact opposite of that a customer service team should do.

Secondly, Community Managers and the forum, on the whole the community managers are very good at their job, however there is a constant feeling that they do not pass on information to the relevant people efficiently or effectively enough, our views on the forum need to be taken seriously, as it is the only way in which we can communicate our feedback, many people have suggested other ways of giving feedback, but you choose not to accept these, as you feel the forum is sufficient, the forum does have potential to be sufficient for feedback, and is a good way of getting a range of views, however it has to be listened to by the relevant people, the recent berimond update is a clear example of this, almost all the feedback was negative to this update on the forum, however 24 hours after the update announcement the update was implemented in game, blatantly ignoring customer feedback.

Finally, Update announcements, these need to be reviewed, we propose you provide these in-game, with at least 48 hours’ notice, the timings do not need to be exact, like how they are at the moment on the forum, but providing them in game means that all players are notified, not just those that are on the forum regularly.

The Construction yard is another point many players feel very strongly about, there need to be a number of changes made here, as the current state of it is unacceptable, we understand that you believe it will be a very large part of the game in the future, and this sounds good, however these changes need to be made anyway, regardless of the future aspects:

Firstly, the building needs to have the option to be demolished, this is vital, as even though it may be a huge part of the game, even after demolishing, we don’t lose anything as players, and you have taken half of the resources from us anyway, for all we care make it so we get no resources from demolishing it and we have to pay the coins to get the build items off the buildings in that castle before we demolish it. This is a vital change because some players may change their mind about having the construction yard in one of their castles, and may want to pay the costs of demolishing it just to have the space.

Secondly, the building should have a PO value, this is for a number of reasons, firstly, the building takes up vital space in the castle where Decorative items should be, yes, granted the build items do give Public order in some cases, but this should be a bonus, not something you are trying to catch up with. Similair buildings such as the Hall of Legends have a PO value, and there is no reason why the Construction yard shouldn’t too, it only needs to be 70/75 PO, but enough to make it worth having.

Finally, the prizes make the nomads and the Foreign invaders a lot less worthwhile playing, they have replaced vital prizes, the armour for the top 25 in nomads, which is required for the full nomad comm set, and is worth having, and the 3rd glory points reward in the Foreign invasion which previously provided 750 Horrors, which were helpful when playing the foreign event, they provided a much needed troop boost, and motivated some low ruby buyers to spend a little more on banners to get to that reward for some nice troops! I suggest you either massively increase the stats on these prizes, or revert them back to what they were.

One of my last points is concerning the length of the various events, these are grossly unbalanced, the nomad invasion and samurai invasion are constantly being shortened, while the Foreign invasion is extended, we are not asking for you to extend the nomads and samurais to beyond what the Foreign Invasion is most commonly now (around 5 days) just that it should be balanced so that the samurais and Nomads are the same length as the FIs, I understand that the latest argument for the shortening of events is the ice championship, this makes absolutely no sense, as it is only the nomads and samurais being shortened and not the Foreign Invasion.

My penultimate point is the fact that your special offers don’t always show the correct value in their ‘earn rewards worth Xxx,Xxx Rubies’ this a form of false advertising, which quite frankly is illegal.

We believe firmly that your ‘compensation’ package is ludicrous, first of all, it shouldn’t be classed as compensation, as we should have been given the prizes in the first place, it is not something we have lost so much as something we have not been given in the first place,this is the complete list of prizes the players are owed: http://prnt.sc/a4xjmv. The amount of ignorance you show towards your game and your players never ceases to amaze us. This whole outrage could have been sorted out on Monday morning by a statement being released detailing your apology for the events, and the way in which you planned to sort things out, you could have realised your fault and given everyone the prizes that the top alliances got, showing your willingness to listen to your players and apologise for your mistakes, making it up to your customers. The Problem is that you simply didn’t, and so you are here now, receiving all of these messages.

Now for a list of bugs that need sorting asap and haven’t been over the last few updates:
-The Rounding of coins past the 10 Million mark, this is also a problem in the achievement screen, as many times it has been the case that the achievement shows as having been completed but it hasn’t been because it has just rounded to the final total.

-The lack of a bar to scroll with in Private Messages: http://prntscr.com/a5j5wq

-The Random ‘Too many troops on one flank’ Glitch, which requires the player to log out of the game and back in before it recognises the troops on the flank is within the boundaries.

-The Daily tasks do not reset if you don’t log out at 11 and log back in.

And now for the solution, your so called ‘compensation’ package is terrible, it does not come close to the damage you have caused over the last 7 days, as a bare minimum your team should be working hard to work out the points scored by each alliance and credit the players accordingly, this should be followed by an additional package that compensates for the damage caused over the last few days to general gameplay.

We also propose that there should be a skype meeting with some of your customers to discuss how the company is going to have a better attitude in the future and reasons for players not to just message support and ask for their accounts to be deleted, because without a swift response to this that is what a lot of your players will do, including some of your most important players, some of whom have already sent the ticket.

Yours Faithfully,

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