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Post by Admin on Thu May 15, 2014 10:43 pm

as the title says - hello,

come in, sit yourself down on ..... that chair, over there  Arrow 

let me tell you a little about why we are here,

we are Dragon Legion, an alliance in game called Empire,
we build castles, recruit armies, defeat the robbers, barbarians, nomads and cultists (with a bit of luck)

we plan to occupy our part of the game - by any means at our disposal,
war, if we must - but i prefer gentle persuasion and pushing in the right direction, along with a quick kick in the shins,

so, thats a quick, very quick, run down,

as this is the first post and just getting the hang of things, then i apologise for the shortness,
more will be added later,

but for now, browse around and visit again soon


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